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How it all got started!

My son Colin was in the Navy stationed in Norfolk, Virginia and his longtime girlfriend Chariti was living right here in Palm City. They were secretly planning on just going to the courthouse to get married when he was home on leave over the Christmas Holiday. Well a few days before Thanksgiving Chariti was hit by a car crossing the street and left for dead by a hit and run driver. She was flown by flight for life to JFK in West Palm Beach and we almost lost her! She had multiple fractures and a punctured lung thank God she was a young strong women and pulled through. After she came home from the hospital they told me about their plans but it was impossble with Chariti's broken arm and other injuries.  Being that this would be the first of our famlies children to get married I told them that I would really like them to have a real wedding  Chariti's only request being a Floridain was that she would love to get married on the beach and so the planning began. We found a venue that had a perfect setting and decided to book it. I offered my help for whatever was needed but didn't want to be a buttinsky mother-in-law so left most of the planning up to her. I'll never forget the date July 22, 2013 when my son called me and told me that she was having a nervous breakdown planning this wedding and really had no idea of what to do...well that's when I took charge and told her I was now her wedding planner, I had recently torn my meniscus and had surgery scheduled to repair it, what a perfect time as I was laid up in bed to surf the internet for ideas and binge watch Say Yes To The Dress and any other wedding show that was on...I was hooked. Having never planned a wedding boy did I learn alot but was truly enjoying the whole process. So fast forward to a week before the wedding (on my birthday) I learned that the wedding dress still was not here even through it had been ordered in March (the wedding was 10/3/13) well off I flew on my broom to pay a visit the the store where the dress was purchased to confront the owner, Chariti is a person who doesn't like any conflict, without going into the details she walked out with a $2,000 dress (the orginal only cost $300!)  Don't mess with a mother on a mission.  The day of the wedding I was up at the crack of dawn staking my claim on the beach and with the help of my husband and other family members set everything up...on to the inside of the venue we couldn't get into the restaurant untill after lunch not leaving much time for set up thank goodness the staff was more than helpful and after I showed them the decorations they took over and help set everythingup. I barely had time to get ready for the 4 pm ceremony and felt very stressed. Everything turned out great but I still was the point person for the timeline and really didn't get to enjoy my dinner.  In February 2014 I ruptured a disk in my back and had to have another surgery...hmmm what was I going to do for 3 months while I recovered? I decided to take a course on Wedding and Eveny Planning as I felt it was important to have a real education and certification. After losing my job of 11 years in July 2015 I felt llike God had closed a door only to open a window for me to pursue my dream of opening up my own Wedding Planning business. I set up an office in my houe at first but one day saw an ad on Facebook advertising an office for rent in Stuart...well I jumped on it and that's when I met Carolyn Lightcap,.  We immediatly hit it off and I wrote her a check.and on my birthday 9/27/15 we had our Grand Opening.. Carolyn had already started Blue Bridals but being a weddng photographer for 25 years she was just too busy to market Blue Bridals and asked me to join forces with her to help market and promote this side of the business and I gladly accepted. As I am writing this today 6/5/16 I have alre3ady planned and coordinated 8 weddings (pretty good for just starting out I think!) and have many more on the books that I'm working on.  I feel truely blessed for this opportunity to live my dream and look forward to the future to help all my brides plan their truely special day. 

PS: Yes the picture you see is Colin and Chariti!



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